Planomar Oy

Management and Sales Consultancy

Planomar Oy was founded in 1998 and has since then successfully been involved in various business projects globally. Planomar has been involved in everything from building cleantech start ups to advisory and operative roles at boards and managements in listed companies.

The main focus of Planomar is to help, support and advice companies in their international growth phase.

Globally Planomar has a very strong net work within the media industry and a strong distributor net work for innovative technologies.


Planomar also acts as an investor making investments in innovative companies that are listed, have an innovative and globally scalable technology and a solid management. Through its financial network Planomar also arranges additional funding when needed.

If you see synergies or a win - win situation in any of the above mentioned fields, please feel free to contact us.

Planomar SportsManagement

Ever since Planomar was founded it has also been involved in SportsManagement. Motorsport and Boxing are the two main fields that Planomar SportsManagement has been focusing on.

The role and focus of Planomar SportsManagement is to support the sport talents with both financials and sponsoring and to assist them in building their careers. Planomar SportsManagement utilizes its strong global network within the business and media world to support the chosen talents in its team.

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